"But my helmettttttt! You saw it got smashed, and my tunic got ripped to shreds too!
It's not like whoever owned this is ever going to use it again."

"It ain't right. This goes to their next of kin, or buried with their bones. We ain't got any right to the stuff down here,
even if it's shinning silver...bright, shiny silver. Besides, that tunic didn't do its last owner any good,
and it ain't gonna stop a bolt or spear for you neither."

"But this one actually fits! See?"


"And if we don't take it, some dirty kobolds will nick the whole lot of it, I just know it! Can't we just...hold onto it?
At least until we get back to the mountainhome?"


"Fine, you can take it. But only until we get back to the mountainhome and return it.
I'm sure the ghosts won't mind if we use their junk, so long as we put their spirits to rest."

"I mean, a ghost don't have no need for silver. What's a banshee need a fistful of coins for, anyhow?"

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