"Looks like the spoils of at least a dozen or so. Those blasted night trolls are nasty little murderers, but they sure know how to stockpile loot."

"Worst of all, I'm seeing Dwarven markings on some of this junk. That monster must have been snacking on dwarves as well as any other poor souls who end up wandering through this neck of the woods. If'n it's dwarven, that means we'll have to take it all back to the Mountainhome along with whatever bones we can scrounge up. Put the poor bastards to rest with their last mortal remains, that's the right thing to do.

Granted, it's not exactly like we have the time to drag all this junk up the mountain. We'll have to leave this all here and have the fortress send a crew out to clean up. Until then, and until we figure out who owned what, we best not touch any of it."



"Oh come on, what?"
Losing Is Fun