"Why don't we have a seat and try some of this cheese. You said it's your first-ever cheese wheel?"

"Yeah! I made it all by myself. I'm kind of a natural at it, not to brag or anything."

"I must say I'm quite impressed! Let's give it a try."

"...I...think I might have messed up somewhere? It doesn't taste right."

"Oh dear, did you follow the recipe correctly? I've heard cheesemaking is quite hard, and the littlest things make a big difference."


"...and then you add the rennet."

"Oh! Mmhm, yeah, that must've been where I messed up!"

"Well, that, and you threw an entire lemon in."

"Mmmhm, yeah, this cheese has way fewer lemon rinds in it. Mh! Can I try on your crown?"

"Oh wow! I'm wearing the queen's crown!"

"It looks quite smashing on you, Misty."

"You think so?? It's heavier than I thought it would be - do you have a mirror?"

"Hm, sorry, don't have one, I'm afraid."

"...and then he said I had to stay in my room, because he's fat and old and bald and a jerk! I'm twelve years old, I can make my own decisions! And then I snuck out, and then..."


"Oh, Misty, dear, are you tired already?"

"Mhm...I'm not usually up this late..."

"I see! Why don't you lay down for a bit? It sounds like you've had a busy day."

"Mmm...that sounds nice..."

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