"You know lass, that scuffle with the night troll got me thinkin'."

"Oh? Thinkin' 'bout what?"

"I've been at this job for a hundred and twelve years now. Over a century.
When my ankle gave out, I thought we were done for. You're just a recruit, you shouldn't have been takin' that thing on all by yourself and you certainly shouldn't have won.

I? I'm the Captain of the Guard of the Northern Mountainhomes. I shouldn't be lyin' on the ground chuckin' swords at beasties."

"When this is all over, when we've got the girl and we're back at the Mountainhome...

...I'm thinkin' I might be retirin'."

"Pffffft. Yeah right, I've heard you say that before at least a hundred times."
Losing Is Fun