"Okay, just - just say that again, once more?"

"Cheese! Holy Cow Cheese, ☼Masterfully Prepared☼ from the Divine Milk of Cowsea herself!"

"Uh...huh. Right. And you made that because..."

"So I can show the Queen, and she'll see how great Cowsea is, and she'll be so thrilled she'll make me a member of the Royal Cheesemakers Guild."

"Royal what now?

"Royal Cheesemakers Guild! The most elite cheesemakers, who cater directly to the Queen herself! The best cheesemakers in the kingdom, producers of the finest cheese, made from the finest milk!"

"Uh...huh. Hm."

"Is...is something wrong, Mr. Overseer-slash-Manager sir?"

"What? Oh - no, everything is fine. I'm just looking through these old orders and I...who tasked you with this?"


"No, no I got that part, with the magical cow who's a God and whatever. Who in charge told you to make cheese? Was it the last Overseer?"

"Well...no one, I guess."

"No one?"

"No one. I just...kind of...did it on my own, I guess.

"On your own?"

"On my own."


"...Well then. It's your lucky day, ah..."


"Misty! Right, Misty...M - i - s - t - y. It's your lucky day! You get to meet the Queen!"


"Yes, really! It's a very special honor, meeting the Queen."

"Oh gosh, wow, this - this is really happening? I'm already so nervous, do I need to get dressed up? Do I need to practice bowing?"

"Oh, no, no you're fine just the way you are. I'm sure the Queen will be overjoyed to have a new...visitor."

End of Chapter Four.
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