Right, you'll need a pot! Probably for boiling the cheese. That's a thing, right? Luckily the workshop seems to come equipped with an assortment of tools and other stuff you'll need for all your cheese-making shenanigans.

You grab the biggest one just in case. You don't know how much cheese a bucket of milk will make, but you're prepared for however much you might churn out.

You plop the pot down on the stove and turn back to the shelves. You'll probably need some lemons too - you recall hearing that somewhere before. Besides, they're yellow! Cheese is yellow too, so that must mean you're on the right track, right?

You go ahead and drop one in the pot. One should be more than enough for a bucket of milk, right? You don't want to make your cheese too sour, since that would undoubtably be a novice mistake.

The lemon hits the bottom of the pot with a satisfying thud.

Alright! What else should you toss in before you pour in the milk?
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