You scan the shelves for other things that might be cheese-related. That pot looks promising!


You're not sure what that is, but surely it wouldn't be in the farmers workshop if it didn't have something to do with cheese, right?

You dump in the whole pot just to be safe.

Alright! This is going great! What else can you dump in?

Oooh, mystery vial! It smells a bit funky, but that's probably alright. Cheese smells funky too, so it's probably some kind of secret ingredient. Maybe even one kept hidden by generations of Professional Cheesemakers to produce only the highest-quality cheeses known to dwarfkind!

Man, for someone with absolutely no training you're doing pretty good! You just sleuthed out a secret ingredient to cheese, one so secret that not even you knew about it until a few seconds ago.

That's not to say you sleuthed out what's in the vial, but that's just part of the mystery!

Mystery Vial!

You empty the mystery vial into the cheese pot.

Alright! You've gone through most of the things on the shelf, it's probably time to actually put in the ☼Holy Divine God Milk☼ and get this show on the road.


That's probably fine.
Losing Is Fun