Well, everyone has to start somewhere, right? You're pretty sure that the first step to cheese making involves milk. Luckily for you, it seems like one thing this workshop has plenty of is buckets! Here, this one will do just nicely.

Just gotta shake out some of the dust, aaaand...

There we go! One bucket and one stool, two of the three things you need to get milk! The only thing that's missing is the cow.

"Alright, good, you came back. Now, Mittens - "


"Right, Kristy - I know you want to see the Queen and become a Royal Cheesetaster or whatever, and normally I wouldn't give a flying imp about what some mortal wants to do with their short, miserable life, but seeing as how you're one of my worshipers - one of the ONLY worshipers I have in this place, anyways - I feel some iota of responsibility for your welfare.

"Oh...um, thanks! You just keep talking, I'm gonna get some milk real quick."

"Right. Well, I know that it might SEEM like you want to go meet the Queen, and do all that boring stuff you were talking about earlier, but I'm ninety percent certain that won't actually advance my goal of displacing my brother as the God of Worship in this place. As a matter of fact, the Queen is like, the LAST person you want to go see for that, since she - "


"Oh yeah that feels good."

"Alright, well...I got the milk, but you kinda...trailed of there. Are you feeling alright, Miss Cowsea?"

"...hm? Oh, yeah, great."


"...well, alright then! Let me know if you remember what it was you wanted to say."

"Mmmmhm. Sure thing, Shifty."

Alright well...that was a little odd. But at least you've got your Holy Milk! Look at you, just blowing through this whole cheese making thing! You're gonna have that wheel cranked out in no time flat. What's next?
Losing Is Fun