"Give me a minute, I gotta find the farmers workshop real quick! I'll be right back!"

"Mickey - er, Mimsy? Misty! Misty, hold on just a second - "

You eagerly hop the fence out of the cow pens. Your heart, once weighed down by the skulduggery nature of ShieldDawn, is now brimming with excitement. It seems like you can make a difference after all, and realize your dream of becoming a Legendary Cheesemaker to boot!

Ah, the farmers workshop, located conveniently next door to the butchers workshop!

Inside stands everything a burgeoning young farmer needs to sharpen his skills and improve his or her workmanship. You can barely wait to be behind its gleaming countertops. You can already imagine the fine cheese you'll be crafting within this meager space; after all, you'll be working with the tools of the Gods themselves!!! How many cheesemakers can claim they've hewn their wheels of cheese from divine milk? You could be the first one in history to do so!

The interior looks even more resplendent than you'd even dared to imagine. Tools of every farm-related trade conceivable line the shelves, and even more are hidden away in the cupboards and boxes around you.

Barrels, boxes, bags and bowls, jackpots of jugs and jars, vials of vinegar and veterinarian vaccines - everything you could ever want could be found on these shelves.

Your task is practically completed already! You'll be cranking out cheese wheels like nobody's business in no time!


You are suddenly aware that you don't actually know how to make cheese.
Losing Is Fun