"How the heck am I supposed to do that?! You're a God, and even YOU couldn't do it!"

"Well that's not really my problem, now is it? It's your 'quest' now, figure it out!"

"Yeah, well maybe I don't want to get shoved into a cage and rolled down a flight of stairs, okay? I fell down a mountain earlier today and I still have the bruises to prove it. If I tell everyone that they need to start worshiping the talking cow in the animal pens, they're going to...I dunno! Probably do something involving blood. That's all they seem to care about down here, anyways!"

"Well try something else! This is your quest now, not mine. Maybe...I don't know, do something that plays to your strengths?"

"What, like cheese making?"

"Yeah, sure, cheese making could oh sweet merciful Armok I can't believe how little I suddenly care about this whole thing now that it's someone else's problem - "

"What if I made some holy cow cheese - "

"I think that's called swiss."

" - then when people ask how I made such magnificent cheese, I could tell them that it was made from the milk of Cowsea herself!"

"Yeah. Sure. That would totally work."

"And then, and then they'll see that cheese is way better than blood stuff! And they'll see how great my cheese is!"


"And then I'll get to meet the queen!"

"Wait, what?"

"And she'll be so impressed she'll make me a member of the Royal Cheesemaker Corps!"


"And I'll get my own Royal Cheesemaker Corps backpack, and my own Royal Bedrooms, and I'll have a job making cheese for the queen every day!"

"Okay, slow down - "
Losing Is Fun