Are you there, Gods? It's me, Misty.

You wait a moment for them to respond, but you don't hear anything in return. That makes sense; they probably want to hear what you have to say. Gods sure are busy, and you don't want to waste their time.

Alright, so...I have no idea what to say. Um...hi?

Off to a good start so far, just need to actually...say something. You rack your brains for a moment, then decide to go with the basics.

Okay, so, my name is Mistêm Wheeldream. My dad is the Duke, but you guys probably know all this already.

Um, so, basically, I worship you guys now? So, Cowsea, I guess I'd like to become a great cheesemaker. That'd be nice. Not that I'm demanding anything! I know. You're the cheese Goddess! If you can help with that, it'd be great.

Urist CCCVI, you're the God of suicide and reincarnation, which is pretty cool! I was hoping that, if it wasn't too much trouble, you could maybe give me some divine protection? I'm starting new, and before today I didn't even know much about the Gods, so this is all pretty scary, but if you can maybe help me out in some way, I'd be eternally grateful. If it's not too much trouble, that is.

You pause, wondering if there was anything else you should tack on before you end the prayer. You want to make a good impression, after all; you're talking to almighty, powerful deities that rule all of existence, and you didn't even know anything about them until ten minutes ago.
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