You take a moment to think about your options.

Well, obviously you would need Cowsea's blessing, if you're to truly become the greatest cheesemaker who ever lived. You don't know much about her, but you can further your knowledge of your patron later. Right now you need to start putting in that faith as early as possible! You mention as much to Lokum, who nods in understanding.

She asks you if Humble Cowsea, patron of the farmers, will be your only focus of worship. You say no, you think you'll seek the blessing of Urist CCCVI as well.

Urist CCCVI, she asks?

Well, yeah, you reply! You're starting a new life at Shielddawn. A free life, out from under the thumb of your dumb old dad. It just seems fitting.

Lokum's eyes sparkle as you come to a decision. All that's left now is to declare your faith and pray to your new patrons, affirming them as your new Gods of worship. She seems absolutely delighted to have introduced a young dwarf to the Gods. She goes on about how she'd been a worshiper of Cakewine and Bookfire herself, before moving on to focus her faith upon Almighty Armok.

Go on, then, she says eagerly! Pray to your new Gods, declare your worship! No doubt Cowsea and Urist will be delighted to have another follower; they're some of the less popular Gods, after all.

You nervously put your hands together and look up. That's where the Gods are, right? Up in the sky some place?

You flounder for a moment. You've never prayed before, what should you even say?
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