After thinking about it for a moment, you realize that your prayer has been pretty selfish so far. That's not the impression you want to give!

Oh! And, um, thank you, so much for being my patrons. I'll try not to need to much, but thank you for your...your guidance in my journey, and-and if you guys ever need something from me, you know, something that I could do for you guys in return, just let me know and I'll get right on it!

So, anyways, so that's about it, Mr. and Mrs. Gods. Thank you for your time, I hope I wasn't bothering you. I hope you have a Nice whatever it is you guys have.

Yeah. So. Um. Amen on three? One, two, three, amen.

You clap your hands, because you're not entirely sure how to end a prayer. You clap your hands together a few more times for good measure. You just talked to two Gods! Like, two actual, living, real Gods! How cool was that?!

You wait a minute for the beam of light or angel or...whatever is supposed to come down from the sky. That's what happens when you pray, right? Something should happen, but it doesn't seem like anything...did. You ask Kulet if maybe you did something wrong.

She says no, you did it perfectly. The clapping was a bit unusual, but that's just how you pray.

Oh, you say. You were expecting some kind of physical response. That's...kind of disappointing.

You've just made your first baby step into the Dwarven religion, she replies. What this ceremony really needs is to be anointed by the Allfather, Armok! A blood tribute is all that's needed to sanctify the new union between you and your patrons...

She laughs, flicking away a few droplets of blood. It hurts of course, she says, but you get used to it being a nun of Armok. Who knows, young Misty! Maybe one day you'll become a nun yourself, and join me in the worship of glorious, glorious Armok, the God of Blood! Oh, the river of thick, ichorous blood we will spill in the name of the Allfather! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Hi there, you say! I'm Misty! Would you mind if I walked with you guys for a bit?
Losing Is Fun