The female elf finishes drawing her curly little spirals on the tree, then takes a step back. Kulet starts to mumble something else about hippie elves and their nonsensical religion when a low rumble fills the air.

As good as new, the female elf exclaims!

Sorry about that, she continues. The poor thing was crying out in pain, it would have been horrible to leave it that way for a moment longer! Please, let us introduce ourselves.

The one with the spear is Cameicala, "Hemlock".

The one with the hat is Tiseada, "Finnberry".

The one with the bow is Marima, "DarkerDaffodil".

The packmule behind me is old Maynard.

And my name is Imacalafed, "Flowerplucker"!

It's a pleasure to meet you all, I'm sure! I trust you're all on your way to Shielddawn as well?
Losing Is Fun