The elves hurry across the river and approach the migrant party.

Oh my goodness! the female elf exclaims. We're so sorry, if only we'd gotten here sooner! So much pain, so much death that could have been easily just makes my heart ache to think of what careless evil we'd inadvertently brought into the world. May the Force bless and show us the Way.

You and the rest of the dwarves shift around uneasily. You have to admit, it was oddly touching that an elf would extend their condolences to the death of a dwarf.

Yes! the elf with the bow replies. If only we had arrived sooner, I would have had a clear shot. Truly the world weeps for the pain I've brought upon this gentle, innocent tree.

The elves walk past Rimtar's fresh corpse and start praying around the tree. The migrants look on with incredulity at the elves blatant rudeness.

Two of the elves continue to pray, while one produces a pouch of emerald-green dye. The female elf hums while she draws spirals on the tree.

Crazy elves and their crazy religion, Kulet mutters, still covered in blood and clutching Rimtar's severed head.
Losing Is Fun