was probably just cave adaption kicking in. Certainly not the dismembered head sent rolling in your direction, nope.

Maybe...maybe they're good zombies? Y-yeah, that makes sense! It was just Rimtar, attacking them, so they-so they were just defending themselves...maybe if you explain that he's from a different generation, and apologize, they'll let you pass?

You shield your eyes as you get close. You don't want to see what happened to Rimtar or else you might...get another bout of cave adaption. You'll be fine. You'll be totally fine. Everything is fine. You just need to apologize and explain that it's all a misunderstanding, and everything will be okay. Wow...these guys smell awful up close...

Excuse me, m-mister zombie? I w-want to apologize for my friend. He...he thought you were going to h-hurt us, and he didn't mean to attack. This is...this is all just a m-mistake, we're s-sorry! If it's all okay, we'll just be going now. We don't want to fight you, or hurt anyone, we just...we just want to go, please.


M...mister zombie, sir...?

Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no -


How did...?! Who could have...??

Wait! There, in the distance! Who's that?!

Some one came to help! We're saved! It must have been Shielddawn, it just had to be -

Wait a minute - are those elves?!?!?!

Losing Is Fun