You take a look at the exceptionally-made Cheese Figurine.

It's your most prized possession! It's PURE GOLD and worth a BAZILLION DWARF BUCKS!

Actually, it's made out of wood and just painted yellow to look like gold, but it's priceless to you all the same. You had put it on your dresser to remind you of your dream every time you pass by it. There are hundreds of legendary blacksmiths and masons and carpenters and craftsdwarves out there, but hardly any legendary cheesemakers! The only reason you can think for that is because it's such a difficult and prized profession. Not everyone has the skills to make Masterwork Cheesewheels, you guess.

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Ooh, you're quite proud of these! You engraved them yourself. They're so low-quality that they don't even have a value, but you think they're pretty.

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You briefly consider throwing a tantrum and kicking down the door, but throwing a tantrum was what got you locked in your room in the first place.

It was a really nice statue of the Legendary Hero Zon Lokumarak, too. You're lucky you didn't get thrown in jail, you guess, but if Duke Mosus Bothonnazom hadn't been unfair! wouldn't have lost your temper in the first place.

You're an adult now, and you should be allowed to make your own decisions. If you want to leave the mountainhomes, you should be allowed to! You're an adult! You're 12! But now you're locked in your room, and any minute now the migrant party is going to leave and you'll have to wait a whole nother year before you get the chance to leave. You have no time to waste if you want to leave!

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You put the figurine in your backpack and spend several minutes contemplating your bed. Like most beds made for the common masses, it's made out of stone block. It is incredibly uncomfortable.
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