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You remove the backpack.

You bang it against your rock block chest a few times. You're not sure, but you think you've become slightly better at bumping one object against another. You quit fooling around and put it on.

It looks nice on you! Of course, if you ever join the Royal Cheesemaker Corps, you'll get your own standard-issue Masterwork Cheesemaker Corps Backpack. Everyone knows that the Royal Cheesemaker Corps are the best cheesemakers in all the land! You hope to one day join their ranks.

Ah, cheesemaking! It's such a noble profession! Turning otherwise useless milk into magnificent, golden, melt-on-your-tongue cheese is the most glorious and dwarvenly trade known to dwarf-kind! Some day, you tell yourself, you'll be the greatest cheesemaker in all the land, churning out masterwork cheeses for the fortresses and mountainhomes to eat, consumed with only the finest foods and drinks. No doubt the Queen herself will commission you to be her permanent Royal Cheesemaker, producing those magnificent wheels at her leisure. No fortress can ever have enough legendary cheesemakers, you always say!
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