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Oh, this thing?

It's an old puzzle box. Dwarves are notorious for elaborate and complicated puzzles and traps! You've always had a knack for solving them.

You put it in your backpack.

The only thing you have inside the dresser is an extra pair of mittens. You like mittens. They make your hands easy to draw.

You stuff them in your backpack, too.

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Ah, ShieldDawn!

The most glorious of all the Dwarven Fortresses! Every dwarf loves their mountainhome, but it's the Fortresses that are the REAL pinnacles of dwarven culture, technology, and innovation. Some are home to impossible feats of engineering, like mountain-sized cathedrals carved out underground, or soaring towers that touch the sky, or even leviathan statues carved right into active, living volcanos!

None of them can compare to ShieldDawn, though. It's the resting place of Zon Lokumarak, the Hero of Mountains and his Artifact Spear, Shashmondul Vozbel Sedil, "Hellgraves, the Ravager of Angels", the most perfect of all dwarven artifacts. You've wanted to migrate to the fortress ever since he was entombed there seven years ago, to pay homage to the greatest dwarf ever known and to ply your trade as a cheesemaker. And you would be right now, if Duke Mosus would let you join the migrant party.

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You briefly contemplate apologizing to the Duke. Maybe if you show him what a mature, calm, rational adult you are, he'll relent and let you join ShieldDawn.

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You engrave a picture of the Duke on your wall instead.

You were starting to run out of space on the other wall, so you decide to do it on this one. You don't really like this wall as much, since it's not all natural rock.

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You admire your new engraving.

It makes you quite happy.
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