Okay, enough of the water works.
Yes, you've made your first-ever cheese, and yes it is perfect in literally every way ever.
But you can't be a professional cheesemaker and a member of the Royal Cheesemakers if you get teary-eyed every time you cook up a cheesewheel.

Reign it back a bit, girl.
You got this.

And of course no cheesewheel is complete without the cheesemakers mark!
You need to imprint your symbol onto this cheese and proudly claim it as one of yours, so all who see your ☼Masterwork Cheese☼ will know just whose hand crafted it!
This cheese is made with Holy Milk, and you put so much time and effort into it!
Go on, mark it as your own!

Okay, we don't have any tools to stamp it - you'll need to make a cheese stamp with your logo (which you'll also need to make) to make this easier in the future.

Luckily, the cheese is a lovely soft and goopy texture, so you can make do with your finger. Just gotta...put your name in here...

Aaaaaand there! "Misty" should do.
You kind of ran out of space near the "y" so you couldn't put in your last name too, but obviously anyone who sees it will know you're the maker.

Is this not the most delicious cheesewheel you've ever seen?
So perfectly yellowed, with a nice perimeter of...blue stuff. It looks great!

Part of you wants to cut out a nice thick wedge and try it out, but it's a poor cheesemaker who eats up all her work.
This cheese is fit only for the Queen, or a God.


You should show Cowsea!!!

She's going to be so proud!!!
Losing Is Fun