This is it!!!
This is your chance! If there was ever a time you were going to establish yourself as a real, serious cheesemaker, it would be now!

Forget everything up until this point. Put Darkerdaffodil and the other elves out of your mind. Forget Rimtar, and forget your dumb dad!

You can do this!!!


"Mhm. Vampire?"



"I...I just said..."

"Profession, please."

"...novice cheesemaker, ma'am."

"Really? We've been needing someone like you for a while now."

This is it!!!
Your whole life has been leading up to this moment.
Finally, after twelve years, you're about to become the Legendary Cheesemaker you've always dreamed of!

"You'd be amazed at how quickly we go through haulers. Well, I'm sure you'll figure that out soon enough.
Here's your map."
Losing Is Fun