"There we go, lookit you! Right as rain, not a scratch. Fallin' over like that and makin' us think we nicked ya with a bolt or somesuch, shame on you!"

"Oh, shoot, the Overseer's here already! I was hopin' we'd get this mess cleaned up before she came around. Old bird must be in a hurry, eh?"

"Come on, come on, get in line, we've got to get you migrants all processed all nice and tidy. We can't have ANOTHER vampire sneakin' in, can we?"

She's joking...you think.

"Datan? What's...what's going to happen to the elves? Are we going to bury them, or...say a prayer, or...something?"

"What you on about, love? Bury'em? Pray for'em? Why would we do somethin' silly like that?"

"Well...you know. To help put their souls to rest."



"Ah ha ahaha ha...eh hehe heh heh...eh..."

"Oh come on now, love. Elves don't have souls! Bloody everyone knows that."
Losing Is Fun