"Got it! Looks like I win, young Misty. I finished your Dwarven puzzle box long before you've finished my Elven apple! I win the wager, and your delightful little toy along with it. It'll make a nice addition to our caravan. You should know better than to challenge an elf to a game of puzzles, young dwarf! We elves are notorious for our keen ability to solve puzzles and traps!"

You giggle for some reason. You can't really help it; you've found yourself laughing at nearly everything he says. As for the puzzle box, you're alright with letting that go. An apple for an old low-quality puzzle box is a fair trade by itself, and you haven't had anything to eat since before you left the mountainhomes.

And by the Gods, do elves know how to grow apples! A crisp Elven apple is better than stale cat biscuits on any day of the week. How they manage to make them grow during the winter is beyond you, but you're not about to complain.
Losing Is Fun