No time to waste; your Captain's in trouble! You hop down the hole, senses fine-tuned to detect any kobold shenanigans.

They're probably the ones responsible for all this, after all.

It doesn't look like he went too far, at least.

"You alright...Captain?" You say, still wary. Just because he didn't turn invisible doesn't dismiss the fact that he could still be a kobold in disguise.

"For the love of...I twisted the ever-loving carp out of my ankle," Holt hisses. It certainly looks painful, and you discount the 'Holt is a kobold' theory. Kobolds don't have ankles; just that weird dog-leg thing. That leaves just five other 'kobolds did it' theories.

"I got it figured out, Captain!" You press on. "I bet the kobolds knew we were coming, so they dug this hole to trap us! You know how they dig in the dirt, right Captain? Well, what I'm thinking is-"

"Reg!" Captain Holt whispers furiously, cutting you off. "Keep your voice down! For the love of Sunshield, if there was ever a time I needed you to focus, it would be now! I need you to get out of here!"

"But...what about you Captain? I can't just leave you here with the kobolds." You glance about, half-expecting one to leap from the walls.

"REG." He pauses to grit his teeth, though whether from frustration or pain you don't now. "Don't worry about me. I just need a minute then I'll climb on up out of this gods-forsaken hole right behind you. Now go!"

You hesitate. You can't can't just abandon your Captain like that. That's about the most undwarvenly thing a dwarf could do!

"Come on, Captain! You know I can't-"

"REG, I am NOT going to ARGUE with you on this, I gave you a direct order-"

A deep grumble cuts him off.

"Oh...orc shit," he whispers.

Losing Is Fun