Back at the mountianhome...

Captain Holt continues to attempt to stop his rampaging recruit. Recruit Pashmad continues to attempt to murder the non-existent kobold.

Oh. There we go.

Dammit Reg, Holt says. Look around! Do you see any kobolds?!

No, says Reg. Did I get them?

Holt calmly explains that it was all a clever ruse, and that there never was a kobold. Reg postulates that perhaps there WAS a kobold, but her swordsdwarfship managed to scare it off.

This debate continues on for a few minutes before the captain concedes that no, there was no way for him to be SURE there wasn't a kobold skulking around somewhere, and it is POSSIBLE that she managed to drive it off despite no one having actually seen it.

Reg adds the kobold to her kill list.

Holt sighs and points out that they still have standing orders to bring Misty down to the Duke's office. Reg also points out that neither of them are permitted to leave the mountainhome (her especially, for security reasons). The Captain says that they'll just have go back to Duke Mosus and tell him they lost Misty.

Reg fearfully asks how Holt thinks the Duke will react.

Losing Is Fun