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Your tumbling eventually reaches its end.

In a true feat of superdwarvenly luck, you manage to parry the very earth itself! The ground is blocked, and you land unharmed, only to rake in the deliriously sicknasty amount of exp that can only come from fighting the world itself! You become LEGENDARY in every stat and attribute, leaving behind your mortal form to become SUPER MISTY! THE GREATEST CHEESEMAKER WHO EVER LIVED!

Misty's ego takes the full force of the impact, bruising the pride.

Well, it doesn't look like anything's broken, at least. You can move your legs, your arms, and more importantly, you still have your midnight blue cap! Whew! You were worried it might have fallen off! Oh, and all your teeth are still there too. After a quick check, it seems that at most you've got a couple bruises here and there. Nothing serious, but you may be sore for a while. You fell quite a ways; you're pretty lucky you didn't get seriously hurt!

Now that you're outside and all situated, you get ready for the inevitable puking that follows all cave-adapted dwarves. The bright light and fresh air will be too much; any second now, your bile will rise and you'll be rendered incapacitated by the outside world. You brace yourself, thinking about the horrible stories you've been told of dwarves who puke for hours on end, laid low and weak by the too-bright sun.


Looks like you weren't cave-adapted as you thought you were. You don't even feel nauseous! It's a little surprising, but you're not going to complain. Cat biscuits always taste worse coming up than they do going down.

Well, with that out of the way, it's time to get back to the matter at hand.

You give the surrounding countryside a quick look. From what you can remember, ShieldDawn is due north, bordering the Frozen Swamplands, Northern Mountain Range, the Great Forest, and the Old Tower. None of that surprised you. Like all Great Dwarven Fortresses, it has to be set down in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

All that's left is to catch up with the migrants and follow them to the Fortress, then it's smooth sailing from then on out. Nothing can stop you now!

Losing Is Fun