I thought about it a bit and maybe being adversarial isn't the best idea. What ever creature she is, she's a queen so there must be diplomatic options available to us. Greet your queen politely and present your cheese like you came here for.

It's best to be polite. She's the Queen, after all. You'll just greet her, present your cheese, and the rest will follow naturally...right?

"H-Hello! I...um. Hello, my Q-Queen! I'm here...I'm here to give...um. I have...my cheese. Hello. I'd like to...um...I..."

To be fair, the only other noble you've ever really met was your Dad. He could be scary sometimes, but never...never like this.

The Queen tilts her head for a moment.

"I beg your pardon? Oh, right. One moment, please - "

"There we go! Sorry, I forget sometimes others need light. Now, hello there, little girl. What's your name?"

"M...Misty, my Queen."

"Misty! What a pretty name! It's a bit like my name, isn't it? And please, call me 'Momuz'. 'Queen' is so stuffy, isn't it?"

"I...I guess so."

"Now, Misty, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

And I, too, propose that whatever you do, keep the cheese in front of you. Either a defense as recently stated or a proper offering or whatever. The cheese is the key. THE CHEESE IS THE KEY.

"Well, I made some...cheese. My first ever cheese! And I made it with Cowsea's Holy Cow Milk. So...it's probably really good. And I thought you might like to try some?"

"Oh my! That's so very special, Misty! I'd love to have some. This is your very first cheese? So that makes you a novice cheesemaker, then? I'm impressed!"

"Thank you, Quee...Momuz. I worked reallyreallyreally hard on it, and it took a reallyreallyreally long time..."

"Oh, I'm sure you did! It's not easy making cheese."

"I know! It's really tough!"

"That's right, and you did a very good job, Misty."

"Let me go light some more candles and fetch another chair, then we can sit down and try some of your special cheese. You said you made it with Cowsea's milk?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Then I'm sure it's a Masterpiece!"

You...aren't sure what you were afraid of. The Queen - Momuz - is really, really nice! She's kind of like...a sweet grandmother.

You feel a little silly for being so nervous. This is going to turn out great.

Losing Is Fun