"Okay, sure, MAYBE you're a bit old, but you're still a great captain, Captain! If you retired then who would be captain?
Nobody! That's who!
Next thing you know the trade depot is over run with 'bolds looking to pinch whatever they can get their grimy little hands on.
I, for one, don't want to live in a world where captains can just call it QUITS and let the kobolds win!"

"Oh...sweet merciful Sunshield, give me patience."

"This is NOT up for discussion, lass. I am your captain -for the moment, at least -and I hereby ORDER you to drop it."



"Good. Now, clean the carp out of your boots and let's find a spot to settle in for the night."

"We'll sleep in shifts, in case some other beasty tries crawlin' down here. Bah...we'll have to stack some of this junk up to climb out the hole tomorrow mornin'...and even then we'll still have to find our bearin's and get back on the road. Might be we'll have to scamper up a tree and take a look-see around, see if we can find a landmark...not relishin' that...if we could find the river then that'd be ideal, but I think we might have gone too far east for that...might be we could see the mountain range and just follow that north...? That still won't tell us where we are, though..."

"Oh hey, a map."
Losing Is Fun