You want proof? I'll give you proof! Behold, mortal, and take care that your feeble mind does not crumble before the sheer godly might you are about to witness! My miracles have been know to cave in consciousnesses like week-old cottage cheese! Their power is on par with the might of Armok himself! Though I may be limited in this state, do not think my powers cannot rend your mind in twain as it struggles to comprehend the distortion of the very fabric of reality itself!!!"

"Hear me, O beasts of the field! Your Goddess, Cowsea, Lord of all the humble works related to farms, commands you! Lend me your strength, your power, your might, your very souls as I weave my holy light upon this place! Let no ounce of will go untapped as I bend reality to fit my fancy, and rejoice in knowing that your Goddess calls upon you! Rejoice, and submit to my holy will!!!"


"Behold! Marvel upon the miracle I have wrought before your very eyes! Marvel upon it, and prostrate yourself before your Goddess, for your doubt has forced my hand to bend reality as such! Know that I could easily bend it in a manner much less befitting the continuation of your pitiful, mortal life!!!"

"Huh. I guess you really are a god."

Losing Is Fun