You consider asking the engineer more about his extended family, but the path has gotten a bit crowded.

You decide it's best if you maybe scoot forward a bit and talk to the next person in line.

You introduce yourself to the sweet old lady ahead of you. Hi, you say. I'm Misty Wheeldream.

Hello, young Misty, she says. She introduces herself as Kulet Risestaff, a nun of Armok.

Obviously, you knew she was a nun by her shawl, but you admit that you don't actually know that much about the church itself. She says that's to be expected; the Church tends to keep it's ceremonies to itself.

She goes on, seemingly excited to talk more about her profession. Oh yes, obviously individual dwarves are permitted to choose their own gods of the pantheon for individual worship, and at their own level of dedication of course, but the Church is a bit different! While a blacksmith might worship Sarvesh, God of Furnaces, and a farmer might worship Lenod, Goddess of Bounty, those of the Church worship the Creator.

You nod along, as though you understand.

You see, Misty, there's powers even greater than the Gods, powers even greater than reality itself! The humans believe in their own sect of vain human gods, and the orks and goblins believe in their bloody deities of wrath and war, and the heathen elves believe in a nonsensical "force", but it is we Dwarves, Misty, who TRULY understand the nature of the Divine!

You follow along uncomfortably, waiting a moment before cautiously asking.

What is the nature of the Divine?

Kulet simply smiles, her kind eyes twinkling with ancient knowledge passed down to her throughout the generations, ever since the world began.

That, she says, is what the church worships.
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