You decide to shut up and let Rimtar make the decisions.

Okay, Rimtar says. Here's the situation.

We've got a couple of undead up ahead buildin' some kinda nefarious road. Now, obviously they're up to no good, being undead and all, so there's no telling what sorts of evil that road is. It could be so that crazy Necromancer up in his tower can march his undead armies all over the place! It could be a trap! It could even be an evil road, with some sort of crazy necro-killing powers!

Obviously we have to get through, an' I doubt very much that those filthy maggot heads are just gonna let us waltz on by. So here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna go over there an' put those unholy hell critters back in the ground, an' once I've rekilled'em all single handedly we'll continue on to Shielddawn.

You almost speak up and offer up some alternatives. You could just go around the undead. You could use Plumpy as bait. You could even check to see if they're not zombies, but actually a multicultural road construction crew that'd been in a terrible accident.

You almost mention all of this, but hold your tongue. Rimtar's the leader, and obviously he knows best. He's the one with the hammer, after all.

Rimtar hefts his mighty smithing hammer and boldly strolls on up to the zombie construction crew. The rest of the migrant party watches on with bated breath, equal parts apprehensive and excited.

Losing Is Fun