You decide to change the subject. You ask Neb if he knew any great cheesemakers during his time; surely the mountainhome has produced other cheesemakers of amazing caliber, right?

Well, he says, he hasn't really met a cheesemaker before! Not many dwarves choose that as their profession; then again, he's pretty young. He's only forty years old! If anyone's been around long enough to know any cheesemakers, it'd probably be Rimtar up there.

Rimtar's been smithing weapons for nearly a hundred and fifty years now. He's been around for so long that he probably knew a cheesemaker or two in his time.

Heeeey there, you say! It's Rimtar, right? You're friends with my dad! And gee, you're pretty old, too! Like, really old! Super duper old! You wouldn't happen to know any cheesemakers, would yo-

Losing Is Fun