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The Duke leaves you with the Mountainhome Guard, muttering to himself about trade agreements.

Captain Holt tells you that he's sorry, Misty, but he's gonna have to take you down to the Duke's office. You understand, of course. Duke's orders.

Little does Gruzzluss know, you've got a plan! An ace in the hole! An absolutely infallible plot that will get you out the door, an idea so well thought out that there is no way at all it could fail!!!

Look! Behind you! A KOBOLD!!!!

You give a dramatic pause, letting the alarm in your voice settle in. Haha, the perfect plan! They'd go off, looking for the nonexistent kobold, and you'll slip out the door! Genius!!!

Gruzzluss frowns and tells you nice try. He says that he's a SEASONED GUARD, and that you'll have to try harder than that if you want to trick him!

Reg screams KOBOLDS! and takes a blind swing.

Reg continues swinging, coming dangerously close to murdering you both. She attacks a nearby pillar and Gruzzluss follows her close behind, yelling that there is no Kobold and to put down that gods-damned sword. You seize your chance and run for the door!

Losing Is Fun