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Duke Mosus tells you that you can’t go to ShieldDawn.

You tell him that’s not fair! You’re an ADULT! You’re TWELVE! If you want to go to ShieldDawn to become a Legendary Cheesemaker, then you should be ALLOWED go to ShieldDawn and become a Legendary Cheesemaker!

He tells you that no, you can’t go to ShieldDawn.

He tells you that Misty, you’re growing up to be a beautiful, young adult. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Fortresses…Fortresses aren’t like the mountainhomes. Even Fortresses like ShieldDawn. Fortresses don’t care about the Dwarves who come there, unless they’re already Great Dwarves or one of The Seven. A young girl like you, unskilled, an aspiring cheesemaker…he just doesn’t want you to get hurt, Misty.

Oh great, there he goes again. “Why don’t you become an armorsmith like me, Misty?” “Sure, Cheesemaking is a great profession, but why don’t you try being a Miner, Misty?” “I’m not sure there’s much of a demand for Cheesemaking, Misty.” What does he have against cheesemakers?! Cheesemaking is a GREAT DWARVEN PROFESSION! You’re going to be the GREATEST CHEESEMAKER EVER, and he nor anyone else can say otherwise!

He tells you that he’s not going to throw you in jail, even though you’ve broken the law. As Duke, he’s decided to pardon you. However, you WILL stay in his office until he’s ready to talk to you. He says he’s not mad that you broke out of your room, but he is very disappointed that you lied to him. Dwarves do not lie, cheat, or steal from one another, Misty. We are better than that. YOU are better than that.

He says he just wants the best for you, Misty. He loves you, Misty.

Gods, your dad is such an ass.
Losing Is Fun